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Fuck Yeah Athlete: East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf


On Wednesday 2 March, Athlete played a stripped back acoustic show of old and new favourites. It was a brilliant night, with as little as 250 - 300 people sat round cabaret style tables. First we saw Foy Vance; in my opinion a good but quite strange set. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact…

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Never Mind the Buzzcocks feat. Joel Pott (Athlete) - Nov 15, 2007

I touched Joel’s pullover! Muahahahhaaaa! *totallyfreakout* xD


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Listen to her, it may just be important.: Athlete announce show in London


A show has been announced (although not by the band) for Wednesday, 2 March 2011 at East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, London.
It is part of the Canary Wharf Arts and Events.
“Don’t miss After Hours with…Athlete live at the East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf.
For this special…

 Brilliant news! Thanks so much! x

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Best Of… 2010

Nobody asked for it but I did it anyway. Here’s my (more or less) compulsory Best Of 2010 list.

Best Of… Albums

1. Everything Everything - Man Alive
2. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - The Golden Year 
3. Marina And The Diamonds - Family Jewels
4. Professor Green - Alive Till I’m Dead
5. Mr Fogg - Moving Parts
6. White Rabbits - It’s Frightening
7. Eminem - Recovery
8. We Are The Ocean - Cutting Our Teeth
9. Matt Monaghan - These Strange Sounds
10. Mystery Jets - Serotonin

Best Of… Songs 

1. Stoney - Let It Go
2. Professor Green - I Need You Tonight (feat. Ed Drewett)
3. Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No! (Camp America Remix)
4. Crookers - We Love Animals
5. Kele - Everything You Wanted
6. Alice Gold - Orbiter
7. TapeTheRadio -  Our Love Is A Broken Heart
8. Erik Penny - Under The Gun
9. Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Of
10. Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk

Best Of… Gigs

1. Athlete / Stoney / Alice Gold @ HMV Forum, London, UK
2. Marina And The Diamonds @ Hurricane Festival, Scheeßel, GER
3. Owen Pallett @ Friedenskirche, Dachau, GER
4. Cosmo Jarvis @ Hurricane Festival, Scheeßel, GER
5. Young Guns @ Underground, Cologne, GER

Best Of… Movies

1. Alice In Wonderland
2. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (Part 1)
3. Inception
4. Twilight: Eclipse
5. Shutter Island

Best Moments

1. My trip to London (meeting old friends, getting to know some awesome people, brilliant gigs and new clothes)
2. Finally being a “cat’s mum”
3. Being taken on by my current employer after finishing the internshipthingy
4. Winning “VIP” Tix for Hurricane Festival
5. Finding my cousins on the internet (haven’t seen them for over 14 years)

Worst Moments 

1. The dead of Carey and Charlie (guinea pigs)
2. The dead of Charles Haddon (Ou Est Le Swimming Pool)
3. Being in a car crash
4. Not making it to Haldern Pop Festival
5. Realizing, there actually is a Shania Twain song I like

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Athlete just finished their UK Tour and want to take a break to spend some quality time with their families. In a recent interview Carey said it might be 3 years before they get back to work (hoping for a possible one-off gig in London or a Hurricane Festival appearance to make up for the 2005 disaster).So, what is the picture good for?Here’s my idea: They actually don’t need a time-off. It’s Joel who struggles to find a new hairdo.Did you realize that Joel got a new haircut for each new album (01-10 Singles doesn’t count, it’s not a proper album)?I suppose his next hairy surprise will be something rather confusing: Dreadlocks. Right now his hair is simply too short to make proper dreads out of it so he has to let it grow. Any thoughts?

Athlete just finished their UK Tour and want to take a break to spend some quality time with their families. In a recent interview Carey said it might be 3 years before they get back to work (hoping for a possible one-off gig in London or a Hurricane Festival appearance to make up for the 2005 disaster).
So, what is the picture good for?

Here’s my idea: 
They actually don’t need a time-off. 
It’s Joel who struggles to find a new hairdo.
Did you realize that Joel got a new haircut for each new album (01-10 Singles doesn’t count, it’s not a proper album)?
I suppose his next hairy surprise will be something rather confusing: Dreadlocks. 
Right now his hair is simply too short to make proper dreads out of it so he has to let it grow. 
Any thoughts?

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I wonder what fish smelled like before women started swimming in the ocean?
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Zoo Time

Dearest Lovers, Followers, Bored Folks, Idiots,

I’m back from my short trip to the UK and I can definitely say it was worth it. 
Although it started off a bit awkward as I got totally lost in Deptford when trying to find my Hostel. When I eventually arrived at the Journey’s West Greenwich Hostel it was already 10:30 pm (I was supposed to arrive around 9 pm). 

I spent the Friday watching the latest Harry Potter movie at the O2 and doing some shopping (got myself a nice dress and some leggings which they forgot to charge me for, lucky me).

I met Mona on Saturday who is currently spending a couple of months in Harpenden (Au Pair). After I had to return some stuff at Primark’s we went to Camden to grab some food and headed for the HMV Forum. After a short conversation with Johnny I got to introduce her to Carey, Tim and Steve from Athlete. Joel was a little late (as usual *cough*) but he had a minute to talk to us. We then went to The Assembly House, a nice pub just down the road. It was freezing outside and we couldn’t be bothered to already queue up at like 4 pm. Later on we met Kat, her boyfriend Sandeep, Marina and Alice from France and some guys from Belgium (didn’t understand their names, sorry). Really nice folks. Cheers! :)

The concert was mind-blowing (I think that’s a good way to put it). 
Stoney was up first. He was joined by Andy. A short set but Mona and I really enjoyed it (I’m not just saying this because Mark might actually read this but because I mean it). I’ve become a big fan of loops ever since I saw Owen Pallett / Final Fantasy using them. And Stoney did a great job as it must be quite tough hitting the right pedals on time whilst singing / playing guitar etc..
Next up was Alice Gold. I listened to a couple of her songs via Spotify and Myspace and I thought “Wow, that’s actually not that bad”. But when I saw her on stage… Yeah, she does have a nice bum. So what? Her facial expression reminded me a lot of Nina Hagen (not saying that it’s a bad thing). Well, I think it just wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

Then it was Athlete’s turn to go on stage.
In a tweet I posted a couple of weeks ago I said Tim was my new personal George Clooney. After having a look at Richie’s new haircut (which really suits him nicely but I forgot to tell him) Mona and I realized that he’s like a sexy Rock’n’Roll version of Brad Pitt. 
Alright, let’s get back to Athlete. They entered the stage and they nailed it. The crowd was probably the best I’ve ever seen. They seemed to be up for pretty much everything. Joel got on stage on his own taking an old school ghettoblaster which was the beginning of a great version of You Got The Style.
The rest of the set contained basically all of their singles, the “long lost” Back Track, a surprising Out Of Nowhere and Tourist’s Chances (which has been currently covered by Westlife, bloody bastards).
It was tough to listen to Joel as the crowd was singing so loud that you could hardly hear the band. It was brilliant. 
Mona, who hardly knew any of Athlete’s stuff, was overwhelmed. I guess they just got themselves a new fan (ooooh, another German girl, this can’t be good).
She bought the Singles collection thingy and Stoney’s album.
What a lovely night we had.

Sunday I finally met up with Allan. I haven’t seen him in like 15 months. We went to the Tate Modern, to a café, did some shopping and went to a pub hoping they’d play some N*Sync (which they didn’t…). It was so much fun going out with him after such a long time. Allan, you’re the best. Thanks for getting me sloshed! :-P

Next up: Monday. I went to Cambridge for another night of being the annoying fan that I am. When I got there around 2 pm it was bloody cold. Around 5 pm (I think) two guys appeared to queue up. Scott(tttttttttt) and Liam. Had a nice chat with them (and with Steve who was trying to get back into the venue with Richie).

The crowd in Cambridge was alright but the whole thing wasn’t even close to what happened in London. Stoney was amazing once again, Alice Gold had a nice bum and Athlete were… Athlete. I could go on about how good they look and how awesome they are but you already know that, don’t you?
After the gig Liam, Scott and I went outside waiting for the Athlete guys to show up and say hello. It was rather weird as there was a fence in the way (they knew I was coming…) so it really was like they’re animals in a zoo being starred at by us. We had a nice chat with Steve, Tim and Joel. They got picked up (was it Julie? I’m not quite sure…) and headed home. Then Mark Stoney and Andy showed up. We had a really nice conversation. After a while Mark asked for our names. 
Me: “Ann.”
Mark: “No way! Are you Ann Gilles??”
Me: “Eh… Yeah, I guess I am.” (Thinking: What the hell is going on? How does he know who I am???? KSOFJIJWNK NSJN ANDJASJDNJSD?!?!?!?!)
He then wanted to get us some postcards and came back giving us his new E.P. (for free, what a lovely thing to do! And it’s brilliant by the way).
Scott and Liam had to leave so I was left on my own but Mark was being a lovely chap for staying and talking to me. He talked about how he lived in Berlin and about work and stuff. Thanks again for sticking in the cold and being so nice. :)
Later I got to talk to Carey (poor guy, he was about to lose his voice =/ Hope he’s getting well soon). It was an amazing end of an even better trip.

I went back to the Park Side waiting for my coach to arrive (at 3 am!).
Met two Hungarian guys who just came from the Motörhead show at the Corn Exchange. It was really weird talking to them as they told me they were Nazis and I just though “Man, don’t get me started… this is going to end up really badly!”.
But in fact it was fun talking to them. They were totally shit-faced and one of them hardly knew any English whatsoever. No English skills but knowing the forbidden part of the German national anthem. Brilliant stuff. Well, at least I didn’t have to be on my own (which I really hate). The coach arrived on time and I eventually got home safe.

So, you’re still reading this, aren’t you? You must be really bored. Haha!
Well. Cheers to Mona, Allan, Scott and Liam, the Athlete guys (incl. Johnny and Richie even if they’re “not part of the gang” as Joel put it), Mark Stoney and Andy, Kat and her boyfriend, Marina and Alice and to anyone else who was part of this fantastic journey. I had an amazing time. :)

Much love,
Ann x

PS: If there are names you don’t know you can sod off. <3

David Bowie performing “Heroes”.  I’ve been a big fan for many years now and I still hate my parents for not letting me go to see him at 2004’s Hurricane Festival.

He’s such an inspiration to me.  To those of you who haven’t listened to any of his songs yet I can only say: Do it now! You’ll be amazed (unless you’re my little brother). :)


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